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Advertising on Veritas Catholic Network


What other listener turns on the radio expecting to hear a message that will change their lives? Veritas stations are destination stations; listeners tune in to hear a message, not just for background noise. Your message will be seen as being more reliable, since listeners have a positive image of businesses that support Catholic radio.


Our towers are located in the heart of Fairfield County, reaching most of the county plus parts of Westchester County and northern Long Island.


We reach listeners at home, in the car, online, and on their smartphones. Advertising and sponsorship opportunities are currently available; please email for more information.

Radio dominates


  • 93% of Americans ages 18+ listen to terrestrial radio every week 

  • vs 88% TV viewership, 83% smartphone use, 50% PC use, 37% tablet use among Americans 18+

  • 94% of teens, 97% of millennials, 98% of Gen X, 99% of boomers reached monthly on AM/FM radio 

       (data from Nielsen Research 2018)

The loyalty of cause-based listeners


  • 43% between the ages of 35-54

  • 64% are married

  • 62% are college educated

  • 40% have a household income over $75,000

 (Radio Advertising Bureau: Radio Format Profile Christian 2014)

  • 72% prefer to buy from a business that advertises on Christian radio

  • 62% would shop more at a known business advertised on Christian radio

(Simmons Market Research: 10,000+ surveyed/year for 25 years)