We have a launch date!

We're very happy to announce that the FCC has approved both our AM purchase (1350AM) and our FM translator permit (for the future 103.9FM). This means we have some dates for you to circle and save on your calendar…

Monday, June 24thThe Nativity of St John the Baptist… and our first day broadcasting on the air. We will be a voice crying out in the desert, as we act as a megaphone of evangelization for Jesus Christ and His Church.


But before we get there… we still need your help. 


With firm dates for our closing and launch; the urgency is real and the need is great. We are now $100,000 short of our fundraising goal, and we are asking for your help to get us there. Every gift helps!


Catholic radio is always available as a consistent and faithful teacher of the Faith. When you’re tired of listening to music and you want to be fed… now you’ll have a place to do that.