Those who are generously able to answer the call to commit to $500 or more annually become members of the St Joseph Society.

All levels will be remembered at a monthly mass for all Veritas donors, plus the following benefits:

● Bi-annual newsletter ● Prayer card ● Tickets to Veritas Celebration Event


$500-$999 / year 

Bonus! Autographed

Catholic Book


$1000-$4999 / year 

Bonus! Tickets to the

Veritas Celebration Event

+ Veritas Fleece Vest


$5000+ / year 

Bonus! Table at the

Veritas Celebration Event

+ Veritas Fleece Vest

To join the St Joseph Society, or for more info, email Steve Lee at

Veritas Catholic Network is an independent 501(c)(3) organization.

We are listener-supported and receive no diocesan financial assistance.

PO Box 861, Georgetown, CT 06829

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